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A Chilly Metolius River Hike

Jerry Sebestyen led a hike on Sunday, November 8 to the Metolius River.  It was a cat and mouse game of weather prediction but Jerry pronounced the “Hike is on rain or shine!”  All the hikers knew that he meant ‘snow.’  

It was a pleasant, leisurely hike in the gentle snow fall with little accumulation on the ground.  The temperature hovered around 30-34 degrees with no wind.  Of course, the Metolius offers sights and sounds unique of water rolling over lava.  The sighting of the springs gushing into the Metolius like “a dozen opened fire hydrants,” as written in William Sullivan’s Central Oregon Cascades book, were a delight to all. Jeannie Capell deemed the river magical.  “The aqua color of the deep channels are like gems.”  Lunch at the turn around was hurried due to the damp cold.  Over 5 miles of hiking provided sights, sounds and enjoyment for the seven hikers. 

Photos and text by Martha Rose