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A New and Safer Bridge for the South Fork of Tumalo Creek

If you’ve ever skied or snowshoed from the Skyliner SnoPark to Tumalo Falls, you may have had a scary experience crossing the narrow bridge over the South Fork of Tumalo Creek.   This has been identified as a year-round problem by both the skier/snowshoer community and the mountain/fat bike community, so CONC is joining forces with COTA (the Central Oregon Trail Alliance) to assist the Forest Service in replacing the bridge this fall. 

The trail will be closed for about three weeks beginning October 19th while CONC and other volunteers deconstruct and haul out the old bridge, haul in materials for the new bridge, and assist in constructing a wider, safer structure.  

Deschutes County Search and Rescue is loaning us a wheeled letter to help with hauling in materials.  They are eager to see a safer bridge, too, as they have responded to calls after accidents at this site, including a woman with a broken pelvis and another woman with two broken wrists, both associated with falls from the bridge. 

The Forest Service will be contributing money and materials towards this project, while CONC and COTA have agreed to supply the remainder of the funds needed so that the work can get done this year before the snow flies.  This will be a multi-team effort, with CONC, COTA and SWATS (Sawyers with Attitude to Spare) all helping to move materials and build the new bridge.   

Anyone who is interested in participating in this project please contact Sue Sullivan,