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A New (old?) Hager Tradition

Blistering heat on the horizon, didn’t deter four hardy hikers from summiting Hager Mountain on July 22.  But that wasn’t the “real” objective of this hike.  John Sweat planned to revitalize an apparently old CONC tradition, by hiking Hager Mountain, then having dinner at the locally renowned Cowboy Dinner Tree, for which he had already made reservations.  


To the point, the group reached the lookout on top of Hager Mountain in an hour and a half!  With a brilliant persuasion of chocolate chip cookies they were welcomed to  the deck by the lookout on duty, Yvonne.  She answered all of their questions regarding her duties while the group took in the 360 degree view. 

With a quick descent down the mountain, they had 30 minutes till dinner was served.  They occupied that time with libations in shade of the juniper trees and in snooping around inside the gift shop.  When seated they were served ice cold lemonade that never tasted so good!  Family style salad and soup followed, and  rolls which were to die for.  The entrée consisted of either a whole chicken or 28-30 oz. steak.  Sides of baked potatoes, were cooked to perfection.  Needless to say there were plenty of leftovers to take home, in the provided doggies bags!