A White Christmas For Skiing!

Skiers got an early Christmas gift – lots of fresh powder. More than three feet of snow fell up at Mt. Bachelor in the last week.

Thus, several CONC ski groups took advantage in recent days.

Nine skiers went to Todd Lake via the Water Tower trail in a Meetup ski on Friday, Dec. 21. Group leader James Cagney describes “almost perfect” snow conditions.

“We broke trail around the lake and then transformed into a work party,” he says. “Sue had us put up poles along the trail on the way back. A good time was had by all.”

(Meetup ski photos above and immediately below by Cliff Mitchell)


Gary Kelley led another group on Sunday, Dec. 23.

“The day was a bit on the warm/heavy snow side, but still great touring,” Gary reports. “We skied to Big Meadow, then down the treacherous Todd Ridge trail to Todd Lake, and then returned via the Water Tower trail.  A beautiful ski. 

“Even though Todd Ridge can be scary, it was pretty easy…with new, heavy snow.  You just have to be careful not to miss a few switchbacks near the bottom.”

(Photos to immediate left and below by Steve Klarquist)

Yet another group skied on Sunday on lower-elevation trails, finishing at Meissner Sno-Park.

“Really nice snow and fun,” says skier Martha Rose.

(Photos to immediate left and below by Martha Rose)