Alder Springs Redux

A second trip to Gary’s favorite spot, Alder Springs north of Sisters, was undertaken last Thursday, June 6. The weather forecast was foreboding and an earlier report warned that the water level in the creek was significantly higher than the first hike a few weeks ago, so many dropped out of this trip. In spite of such threats, three intrepid individuals pushed on to experience a cool and windy hike with no rain that was described as “delightful.” Indeed, the stream crossing was tougher than “normal” (see photo to the right!) but the three waded cautiously across with no problem. Given the cool weather it was surprising that they saw two snakes. However, it was not surprising that they saw an abundance of flowers including arrowleaf, lupine, phlox, and even one columbine. Oh, and lots of wild roses!

Photos by Kathleen Kennedy