Lower Berley Lake, Metolius River Hikes

One mid-morning hiking group trekked to Lower Berley Lake, while another went to the Metolius River on Sunday, Nov. 18.

“Six CONC hikers traveled a route often covered by snow in mid-November,” says Roz O’Donoghue, who led the group to Lower Berley Lake. “The route began at Santiam Pass, traversing through the 2004 burn with the destination at Lower Berley Lake.

“We walked under unbroken blue skies and encountered few hikers on our day trip. Lower Berley Lake gave us a hint of the 

upcoming winter, with sheet of ice covering part of its surface. We ended the seven-mile mile round trip content with a day well spent.”

Linda Frost led a group of seven hikers along the Metolius River, starting from the fish hatchery. The hikers did a five-mile out-and-back trip.

(Lower Berley Lake photos above by Thom Iverson; Metolius River photos below by Allen Sykora)