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Better Trail Markers are Coming

In addition to many, many other projects, CONC VP Sue Sullivan has been busy working on upgrading trail markers.  Here is her report:

We have had many people comment that the trail markers we are using are not always visible. There have been several suggestions that we either change the color of the reflective patch, change the way we put reflective tape on the markers, or change the color of the marker. The Forest Service requires us to use blue markers, but we have flexibility on the shade and also on the reflective tape color and pattern.  So . . .  we have put up some ‘test patterns’ on the trail that runs past Swampy shelter, to the east of the shelter.

We also have put together a form, similar to the one for reporting downed trees, for providing feedback on the visibility of markers in different lighting conditions or when there is snow on the trees. The link to the form is below.  In addition, we will put a poster in the Swampy shelter to solicit feedback. When you’re out on the trail, please take a look at the blue diamond markers and let us know what you think.

The red dots on the map below show the locations of the test patterns.  One is for offset markers, and the other is for ‘solo’ markers.