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Club Overnight Winter Trips Canceled – An Update from Eric Ness

As COVID cases increase this fall, hospitalizations are expected to peak in Oregon in mid-January.  I’ve been told the “second wave” during the 1918 flu pandemic was also when most people died.  Considering these realities, the CONC Board voted at its meeting on October 12th to cancel both Club overnight  ski trips this winter: Methow Valley (1/31-2/5/2021) and Crater Lake (2/26-2/28/2021).  The main consideration for this decision is the risk involved with large group gatherings indoors.

I’ve informed both Mary at Mazama Country Inn and Fred at Prospect Hotel.  Both were disappointed, but mentioned their facilities will still be open this winter and welcome anyone who would like to visit on their own.  Mazama Country Inn plans to provide protection from COVID by offering take-out meals only, and ensuring one “no occupancy” day for all rooms prior to a party’s arrival.  Prospect Hotel has implemented more space between tables in their dining room, sanitizes “everything,” and has eliminated buffet dining.  Prospect Hotel encourages parties to stay with them and is offering a “COVID Oasis” special – stay three nights and you get the third night at half price just by mentioning the COVID Oasis discount.

This year has been a tough one, and I am sorry that the two primary Club overnight trips had to be cancelled.  However, I fully expect to continue with the trips in 2022 and plan on booking dates in the same monthly time-frames as the 2021 dates.