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CONC Ski Lessons

Three different sessions of CONC Ski Lessons happened in February.

A huge thanks to all of the instructors and volunteers.  Special mention goes to Woody Keen and Mark Waters, who instructed all three sessions.  Thank you!

February 19 was the day for “Beyond Meissner — Introduction to Ungroomed Nordic Skiing”. The day was warm, bright, and sunny.  We had approximately 12 mentors/coaches and those who acted as helpers and in training.  The participants numbered 18 folks who came to have a good time and polish skills. 
We broke into four groups who went their own ways with their coaches to practice “Kick and Glide”, Downhill techniques, Uphill climbing, and how to get back up when one falls.  The coaches also talked about ski equipment and a little geometry concerning gravity and fall lines. 
The day got warmer as we went on and the snow softened so the downhill runs got a little dicey.  The teams spent time on the trails and got tips in navigating terrain. 
A good time was had by all and many of the participants learned much.
This was our second session of Beginner Seminars and we had a total of approximately 40 members between the two sessions.  The volunteer coaches were super people.  Many thanks to all those who helped to make the two sessions productive and enjoyable.


On February 21 the CONC Ski School held the make-up of a postponed event on Mt. Bachelor.  The day was called XC-D at Mt. B.  The clinic centered around downhill skills on backcountry skis.  There were 7 participants and 4 coaches/mentors.  The weather turned back to real winter for the event.  It was cold, snowy and wind blew snow from the side.  We used the Early Riser lift at Mt B. because it was a good place to demonstrate, lear, practice and hone skills.  The lift is also free because the runs it services are the resort’s ski school area as well.  The day was productive and beneficial to those who took part.

Feb 23 was “Introduction to Telemark” day, at Hoodoo, taking advantage of Thrifty Thursdays ($29 lift ticket).  The weather was challenging, as it was single digits and windy.  But seven students joined Woody Keen and Mark Waters for a fun day.  Everyone expanded their skills and left motivated to Practice, Practice, Practice.