Dillon to Benham Falls

Nine people plus one dog hiked from Dillon to Benham Falls Sunday, March 22. Everyone met informally at the parking lot, and walked with a healthy distance between each other.  The day started crisp and clear, but turned into a warm early spring day that was pleasant and enjoyable.  The trail has some muddy spots that weren’t bad in the morning when everything was still frozen; though there were slippery spots of ice on the trail that required care to negotiate.  However, on the return trip things got sloppy.  While at the overlook at Benham two kayakers turned the corner and shot the falls.  Everyone enjoyed watching and marveled at their skill and daring.  By the time the group returned to the parking lot at 2:00 pm it was crowded as many people were out to enjoy the sun. 

Photos by Sharon Evoy & Shari Hogshead