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Dog Leg Butte Training

On Thursday, December 19, John Fertig organized an outing for prospective trip leaders.  It was to be a short ski to Swampy shelter where we could discuss the 10 essentials to carry, various trip scenarios likely to be encountered, and basic techniques to help with beginner skiers.  It was especially valuable to witness the variety of tools and supplies carried by the seasoned leaders; Gary, Jerry, and John.  Us newbies found it particularly helpful and it gave us a lot to think about.  After the shelter, Gary asked where we wanted to ski, and since he’d been talking about the telemark possibilities on the little known Dog Leg Butte, we decided to check it out.  

Although the snow by this time of the week was too heavy for telemarking, it proved to be a strenuous but fun hike up followed by a smooth, straight glide down.  A valuable day for all of us!