Hikers Complete ‘Smith Rock Triple Climb’

The early-morning hiking group did the “Smith Rock Triple Climb” route on Sunday, Oct. 7.

“I enjoy starting and ending the season with this amazing hike — 12 miles with 2,800 feet of climbing!” says group leader Hilloah Rohr. “Smith Rock is a gift to have in our backyard. New member Don Cooper put it succinctly — ‘this was the best hike I’ve done since I moved here.’

“After what looked as though it could be a cold day, we were in sun and progressively lighter clothes throughout the day.

“In the first two hours, we only saw two runners. Once we got closer to Monkey Face, we were greeted by many climbers. Lunch was on the high bench looking at Monkey Face and enjoying the climbing entertainment.

“Wishing you all a great winter season with lots of light snow and sun!”

(Photos by Hilloah Rohr; those with Hilloah taken by Wendi Green)