Hiking Tumalo Canals, Deschutes River

Central Oregon Nordic Club members are still hitting the hiking trails, with one group trekking along the Deschutes River and another hiking along the historic Tumalo canals area on Sunday, Nov. 4.

Four hikers went to the Tumalo canals, where they ran into a fifth on the trail.

“We did a five-mile loop with a little off-trail exploring to find the perfect lunch spot with fantastic views,” says hiker Shannon Bergstedt. “We enjoyed the large juniper trees with all their interesting branch structure.

“It was a blue sky day with some wind and warm temps — very comfortable hiking weather. This area can get too hot and dusty in the summer.”

Hiker Thom Iverson reports a “maze” of trails in the area.

“The day was crazy windy, as you can see in the pic that shows a dust storm in the distance,” Thom says. “But temps were reasonable and sunshine and puffy clouds were plentiful….Tumalo canals was a great choice…even with the strong winds!”

Meanwhile, group leader Linda Frost reports that 10 members hiked along the “always beautiful” Deschutes River trail from Meadow Camp nearly to Big Eddy. The distance was just under five miles.

“There was no wind, and it was  warm enough to take our jackets off,” Linda reports. “That trail is always a good one.”

(Photos by Susan Sullivan and Thom Iverson)