Informal CONC Hike Up and Down Between Clear Lake and the Old Santiam Wagon Road

Also on Sunday, October 3rd, Linda Frost organized a hike along the McKenzie River Trail and a portion of the old Santiam Wagon Road (the 19th century ancestor of Oregon route 20) beginning at Little Nash Sno-Park.  “The photos say it all,” Linda said. “Yes, it was that that glorious.”

 Half the crew did an easy six miles down the old Wagon Road, past the start of the McKenzie River bike trail, then around the north end of Clear Lake to the Clear Lake Resort.  Other members of the group chose to begin at Clear Lake and hike uphill from there, while a few more energetic souls did the hike both ways, going up from Clear Lake, along a doggedly uphill section of the Wagon Road, and then back down for a total of about 10+ miles.  Most ambitious of all, Larry Weinberg began at the high point, hiked down to Clear Lake, circumnavigated the lake, then hiked back up the whole route.

As anticipated, there were mobs of people around the Clear Lake Resort, but they stayed close to the boat launch area.  Linda emphasized that “on the rest of the hike, we saw hardly anyone.”