Late-Season Hike In The High Country

Winter has not hit the high country yet, so Central Oregon Nordic Club members took advantage for a fall hike to Broken Top trail on Sunday, Oct. 21.

Hiker Thom Iverson reports that the group headed up the Todd Lake trail, then went to the Soda Creek trail to the Broken Top trail, skirting Cayuse Crater for a bit until finding a nice lunch spot with a view of Sparks Lake. The group headed back the same way.

He reports that the hike was seven miles with 1,242 feet elevation gain. There were “no crowds, although we did have to dodge two people on horseback.”

Hiker Martha Rose describes the outing as “near perfect” October day, with as 10 hikers setting out.

“Fall temperatures were on the warmish side. As Linda said, ‘It is green, golden and blue all around.’ Excitement broke out when the hikers spotted Broken Top. The Green Lake tie sign was the lunch and turn around.”

(Photos by Martha Rose and Thom Iverson)