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Meetup Nordeen Loop

John Fertig stepped up to lead Gary’s planned meetup ski on Tuesday, January 14, following Gary’s unfortunate accident.  Seven intrepid skiers braved the forecast (windy, cold & snowy), but decided to ski the Norden Loop instead of the planned ski out to Big Meadow.  They were greeted with a light breeze, lightly falling snow, and pleasant temperatures (most people shed a layer).  Breaking trail through about ten inches of new light fluffy snow was a shared effort, rotating through the entire group.  Several YAH signs were reset, early lunch taken at the Norden Shelter, and other CONC members out skiing were encountered.  It was a great group and everyone seemed to enjoy the ski.  John also noted that there was “much better traffic on Century Drive than on Sunday!”

                                              Photos by John Fertig