Meetup Ski To Swampy Hut

Eight skiers did a CONC Meetup ski on Wednesday, Dec. 5.

“The snow is no longer ‘perfect’ and new, but it is great for touring,” says leader Gary Kelley. “The tracks are packed but not icy — the sides of the tracks are easy to push out of for slowing down. The hoar frost on top of the snow is very pretty.”

The group skied approximately 7.5 miles, climbing up Ridge and Butte trails to Peace Sign Meadow, then back down Flagline Tie to Flagline to reach the Swampy hut for lunch.

“You still need to watch for obstacles near the surface of the snow,” Gary adds. “It was a glorious chilly-but-sunny day!”

(Photos by Marty Dawson and Barb Rumer)