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Metolius Preserve

Kelly Cleman led her first hike as chair person of the Hike Committee on Tuesday, May 17.  She had six people join her; all with smiles on their faces! Lovely clear and warm spring weather greeted them on their hike in the Metolius Preserve. They walked a little over 6 miles on the shady, mostly level trails of the Larch and Fir loops. The streams were running high and some of them were even overflowing. The trails were in great condition–not muddy and not dusty. 

Although the flowers weren’t out quite yet, they did see skunk cabbage, flox and violets. It will be a few more weeks before the lupine starts appearing. 

If you decide to do this hike, be sure to bring a map. There are a lot of junctions on this trail and although you probably won’t get lost, you can get a bit turned around. Some of us had either the Avenza or Gaia maps on our phones and were able to track our progress easily.