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New Year's Day 2023 Skiers

New Year’s Day Ski 2023

To ring in 2023, a baker’s dozen of CONC skiers gathered on crisp and sunny morning at the “new” carpooling location at Thump Coffee in NW Crossing. The New Year’s Day celebrants organized their carpools and drove up to the Swampy Sno-Park. Trip coordinator Jerry Sebestyen was concerned that the snow and tracks would be too icy for a trip into Swede Shelter. Indeed, the outing was advertised with the destination to be the shorter trek to the Swampy Shelter.  However, the group was delighted to find perfect snow and a blue bird day upon arrival at the sno-park.

Because of the ideal conditions, the destination was reset to reach the Swede Shelter. Mark Waters took the lead and away they went. Conditions were excellent for the run in to Swede, and the downhill to the shelter was a great deal of fun. The group spent about 45 minutes at the shelter playing around and looking at the view.

As expected, coming back out of Swede was the time to “pay the piper.” But with excellent conditions and excellent friends and fellow skiers, all returned safely to the parking lot. All in all it was an epic ski.