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Nordeen Shelter Firewood Restocking

After reports that the firewood at the Nordeen Shelter had been mostly depleted, Gary Elnan recruited a couple of volunteers to replenish the supply. On an ideal day for skiing, the trio skied to the Shelter after running into the Sunday Slow and Steady skiers at the trailhead in Swampy Sno-Park. We moved all of the split firewood from the woodshed to the shelter, piling as much as possible under the benches and then stacking the rest under the overhang in front of the shelter. Larger pieces were split, and there is still a pile of unsplit rounds remaining in the woodshed.

The Nordeen Shelter proved to be a very popular destination during the restocking. We met with many snowshoers and skiers, including CONC members, locals (and hopefully future members!), and out-of-state visitors. One of the visitors lit a fire in the stove for a Boy Scout troop that would be arriving later in the afternoon. But the many visitors took advantage of the warmth, with nearly all of the bench space occupied by shoers and skiers taking a respite. Seeing the happy faces of the many visitors enjoying the cozy fire made for a rewarding day of volunteering.