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Nordic Ski School a Resounding Success

Wow, the CONC Ski School kicked off with a bang on Sunday, January 9th, with 21 CONC members participating in the outing. The group met at Thump Coffee in NW Crossing, got signed in, organized, car pooled and moved to Swampy Sno-Park. There they were met by a dozen or so volunteers who acted as coaches, assistants and mentors. The students were organized into five four-person teams separated by their self-selected ability levels. The coaches were assigned to the groups and took off to the four corners to teach, model and practice the skills of uphill, downhill, navigation, getting up after falling and answer questions about equipment.

The day was overcast, clear blue, partially overcast and many other variations of cloud cover. The group got snowed on, iced on, wind-blown and sun-shined. In other words, a typical Cascade Mountains kind of day. Snow conditions were really good. No ice layer on top, no crust to break through, just some pleasant white stuff to kick and glide over.

A thousand thank-yous to Jerry Sebestyen for organizing and to all of the volunteers who coached, taught, directed, guided and laughed with our groups. They made the day a successful one.