Orienteering with Eileen

Eileen did double duty this week, leading map and compass orienteering outings on Saturday May 14 at the Tumalo canals, and on Tuesday May 17 at the Maston area trails. This was not a flower event, but still the participants could not keep their eyes from the occasional surprise!

4 people joined the compass walk on Tuesday 5/17.  The location was changed from The Badlands to Maston Mnt Bike TH.  Compass skills were reviewed while working on a map then the trek began.  It’s such a thrill to follow a calculated bearing and ending up either right on the target, or not very far from it.

Wild flowers were scarce, but exclaimed over when we discovered them.  These surprises are Tity Tips, Flea Bane and Wall Flower.

Eileen is ready to lead another compass outing if the daytime temperatures stay below 65 in June.  The Badlands are calling…