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Otter Bench Reopened

The Otter Bench is a trail in the BLM Grassland above the Wild and Scenic section of the Crooked River.  On Sunday, May 31 Jerry led the group (limited to seven total by social distancing considerations) out Otter Bench which he extended by the Lone Pine Trail and returned by the adjacent Horny Hollow Trail.  The 7 plus miles followed the river about 2/3 mile above the water through sage brush, junipers and wildflowers: Oregon sunshine, fleabane, yarrow, buckwheat, and more.  Even more, a thunderstorm the day before left puddles of water to instantly green the desert grasslands.   All hikers were impressed with views of rimrock, the deep river gorge (over 370 feet down), and distant snow-capped mountains.  Hopefully the photos display their enthusiasm and joy of being out on a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the low 60s. 

Photos by Martha Rose