Paulina Creek: Waterfall-a-rama

Six CONC members hiked a three mile section of the Peter Skene Ogden trail on Wednesday, June 8.  They started at the McKay Crossing and hiked upstream to the Peter Skene Ogden bridge, where they took their lunch break.  Elevation gain was a modest 700 feet, giving everyone plenty of time to go off trail and photograph sections of the creek and some of the many waterfalls.

Although it was June, this was not a flower hike.  The best description of the hike, found in “Bend Overall,” talks about the many waterfalls, not flowers, and how happy they will make all hikers.  So we followed many diversions to check out the creek and chat.  As one hiker observed, this is a great place to bring friends and relatives visiting from out of town.  The consensus was that this is a real beauty of a hike.