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Paulina Lake Lodge

On Sunday August first, a group that consisted of Doris Feenstra, Gary Elnan, Patricia Walden, Jim Boyer, Gilead Levanthal, Sharon Evoy and Jerry Sebestyen Hiked from 10 Mile Sno-Park to Paulina Lake by way of the Peter Skene Ogden trail and returned down the Ponderosa trail.  We descended from the sno-park to the foot bridge that crosses Paulina Creek and went up from there.  

This was a total of about 8-81/2 miles.  The Ogden Trail surrendered great views of all five cascade type water falls on Paulina Creek.  There were also some late summer wildflowers hanging on.  The day was warm about 85 degrees but tolerable.  There was no smoke in the air.  That is a bonus for this time of year.  The company was good with much discussion about past and future hikes, equipment, plant identification and life in general.  We saw cougar and bear scat as well as deer tracks.


Photos by Jerry Sebestyen