Porcupine Snowshoe Trail Cleared

Volunteers removed 19 blowdown trees from the Porcupine Snowshoe Trail on Monday, Dec. 3.

“Bit chilly at the start of the day, but blue sky and white snow for our first ‘on snowshoe’ sweep of the Swampy Porcupine Snowshoe Trail,” reports work party leader Bob Timmer. “Dennis DeLapp, Christie Crowe, Al Matson, Dan Murphy and Jim Elliott proceeded counterclockwise and up ‘n over Telemark Butte in fresh, unbroken powder.

“John O’Donnell and I proceeded clockwise from the sno-park and then across the Tie and Swampy Shelter Tie trails to ensure complete trail coverage.

“A total of 19 blowdown trees were cut; many more limbed. With only 18 inches plus/minus of snow, the trail is in good condition, though there are many step-overs.”

(Photos by Jim Elliott and John O’Donnell)