Powder Ski To Paulina Lake

Eighteen Central Oregon Nordic Club skiers enjoyed a powder-snow ski on Sunday, Feb. 17, on the Paulina Lake loop.

“Highlights included a stop to view Paulina Falls, a cup of hot cocoa at Paulina Lake Lodge and occasional snow showers interspersed with sunshine with chilly temperatures,” says group leader Rosalind O’Donoghue. “Due to the size of the group, we split up — some of the skiers taking on the loop route clockwise and the others going counterclockwise.   Regardless of the direction taken, all experienced a memorable day.”

One group went up Ponderosa Trail to Paulina Lake and then down the Paulina View Trail.  Another went up Paulina View and back down Ponderosa.

“We had an excellent outing with air temperatures in the low 20s and new snow that had been packed by others,” says Jerry Sebestyen, another of the group leaders. “We met up at the lodge, where some got hot chocolate and we ate our lunches. The views were magnificent and the skiing was even better.”

(Photos by Jerry Sebestyen, Jeanni Capell and others)