Rainy-Day Ski To Todd, Bare Lakes

Eleven CONC skiers braved less-than-perfect weather but had an “excellent day” anyway on Sunday, Dec. 16.

Despite the potential for rain, the group skied the Water Tower Trail to Todd Lake, reports group leader Gary Kelley.

“At that point, one group circled the lake, and another group climbed up to Bare Lake,” Gary says. “Coverage was fine for touring, but we had to choose our lines carefully coming down from Bare Lake to avoid logs and keep our speed down.

“The return slog was an excellent opportunity to test our rain (winter mix) gear out — an excellent day!)

Skier Jo Keen describes the snow as a bit wet and heavy but with conditions reasonable for skiing to the lake. Seven “hardy souls” climbed up to Bare Lake, which is on a ridge above Todd Lake, while four opted for a tour around Todd Lake before returning to the Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center.

“The climb up went well but once at Bare Lake, the rain began,” Jo says. “Descending in wet heavy snow was tricky but manageable by doing a lot of traverses and kick turns. Going to Bare Lake was a first for most of the group and well worth enduring a wet soggy ski back.”

(Photos by Woody Keen)