Reconfiguration For Todd Lake Trails

The start of the trails to Todd Lake – once leaving the common corridor area at Mt. Bachelor — have been reconfigured in an effort to help the skiers and snowshoers get on the correct trails.

In the past, once winter travelers left the common corridor and crossed the snow-covered Cascade Lakes Highway, skiers bound for Todd Lake immediately veered to the left, snowshoers familiar with the trails went slightly left, and skiers bound for Dutchman went straight ahead, past the kiosk. Folks new to the area commonly headed first to the kiosk and by doing so, missed the signage for both the Todd Lake Nordic and Todd Lake snowshoe trails. 

With the reconfiguration, now upon crossing the highway, everyone passes to the right of the kiosk and then continues down the open corridor to Junction 74. At this point, they will see two signs. One will be for skiers, with arrows pointing left toward Todd Lake and right toward Dutchman Loop, Water Tower Trail, Big Meadow Trail, Flagline Access and Dutchman Sno-Park. The other sign directs snowshoers to go straight ahead toward Todd Lake. 

Sue Sullivan and Al Matson installed the new sign for the ski trails on Friday. CONC will monitor the success of this reconfiguration and be interested in feedback from skiers and snowshoers on this and other trail concerns and suggestions.