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Ridge Loop in a Blizzard

Susan led a group of eleven skiers up to Swampy SnoPark on Sunday, January 12.  Given the blizzard-like weather, the group decided to choose the ski route after the conditions were evaluated. It was fortunate to have a good-sized group as there was a lot of trail breaking to be done. They decided to do Ridge Loop clockwise and were breaking trail  – sometimes through thigh deep drifts – in windy conditions; the front position was rotated frequently so as not to wear anyone out. 

The difference between being in front and in back was pretty stark. The front person would be wallowing in deep drifts, struggling to get skis out and make forward progress; meanwhile, those in the back of the line were chatting about their travel plans and  solving the world’s problems, skiing on a smooth trail that was almost effortless. 

Susan mentioned that “eventually we came across two people who were breaking trail in the opposite direction and were just has happy to see us as we were to see them.”  They took a break at Swampy Shelter where a nice fire took the chill off before they headed back to the SnoPark.  In spite of the effort, everyone remarked what a great trip it was!

Photos by Al Matson, Gary Elnan, and Jeanni Capell