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Ridge Loop-Swampy Loop

Five skiers went out the Ridge loop led by Susan Sullivan on Sunday, January 5.  They had so much fun that they added the Swampy loop to the agenda. Ski conditions were really fabulous and the weather was refreshingly blustery! There was about 4” of new snow when they started and it snowed much of the day.  They encountered a downed log near the Swampy shelter and cut it out of the way.  Then enjoyed some time in the shelter with a bunch of ecstatic skiers and shoers out reveling in the fresh air and fresh snow!


Photos by Barbara Rumor

Meanwhile, another group of 6 skiers led by Dennis Krakow were close by, skiing from Vista SnoPark down Flagline tie to the Swampy shelter with some great descents.  Various descriptions of the wind went from “breezy” to “nasty”, but all agreed the snow was great.  At Swampy shelter, Susan enlisted their help in bringing wood into the shelter; apparently desiring to share all the fun!