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Rusting Cans in the Badlands and Oregon History

Not all those rusting cans out in the Badlands area are from local households.  On a recent hike in the sagebrush, Linda Frost turned up one tin marked “Army Rations.” Then she and her companion hikers noticed many cans that looked like condensed milk, and one that looked like a giant can of peaches.

Linda reported, “Being curious, we researched and discovered the Oregon Maneuver that took place from September 13 to November 8, 1943, in Central Oregon. Over 75,000 U.S. Army troops filled the area for that short time, practicing maneuvers against each other before being sent overseas.  Some were camped out in the high desert, where they left evidence of their visit.”   If you want to find out more, there are several articles archived under “Oregon Maneuver” on the internet.