Scenic Views On ‘Louise’s Loop’

Sometimes we worry life will give us a lemon, but we end up getting lemonade instead.

Four CONC skiers struck out from Mt Bachelor Ski Area to Todd Lake Sunday morning wondering if they’d find nothing but ice on the trails. Yes, there was some. But overall, conditions were quite doable, in particular for those with wide skis and metal edges.

Therefore, upon arriving at Todd Lake, the skiers decided to grunt their way uphill on Todd Ridge for several hundred feet of elevation gain, eventually being rewarded 

with surprisingly good powder on top. They also ended up on a rise with spectacular views of Broken Top and Mt. Bachelor from the same spot, all on a sunny day with no wind. The skiers eventually made their way back to Mt. Bachelor via the Big Meadow trail.

The foursome skied eight miles in all. Much of the route was on designated trails, but some was not. So the skiers named some of their own trails; they cut through “Jerry’s Alley,” and the entire route was proclaimed “Louise’s Loop.”

(Photos by Allen Sykora)