Skiers Find ‘Nice Fluffy Snow’

Nine skiers took advantage of fresh powder for a ski out of Swampy Lakes Sno-Park on Sunday, March 10.

The group went up Ridge trail clockwise to the Butte trail, then up the Butte trail a short distance. Next, “we decided to ‘think outside the blue diamonds’ and cut down the ridge to the Swampy shelter,” says group leader Susan Sullivan.

“Since it was the first day of Daylight Savings Time, we all felt like we still had some skiing left in us, so instead of heading straight back from the shelter, we dropped down onto the namesake Swampy Lake, and across to the old shelter site, then continued clockwise around the Swampy loop back to the car, with some diversion to ski some hills along the way.”

“Conditions were nice both in the tracks and when breaking trail, and it was a congenial group to ski with. I think everyone had a great time.”

Skier Cliff Mitchell called the outing a “great day” with “cold, nice fluffy snow.”

(Photos by Cliff Mitchell and Susan Sullivan)