Snow Continues; Ditto For Ski Trips

Snow keeps piling up in the Cascades, so CONC ski groups keep hitting the trails.

One of the biggest contingents, with seven skiers, did Nordeen loop on Sunday, Jan. 6.

Meanwhile, four skiers did the ACDC route from Edison Sno-Park.

“Snow coverage was fine – four inches new over a nice base,” says leader Gary Kelley, adding that the group met a “bunch of other nice people on the trail,” and snow was still falling as the skiers left.

A third group of skiers went to Meissner Sno-Park Sunday and did the shelter loop in the falling snow. “Snow was a little sticky, no crowds — [it was] a good, short outing,” says skier Linda Frost.

Adds skier Martha Rose, “It was a cheerful group enjoying a snowy day. Some had sticky skis. Linda Frost found that a kindling stick worked wonders. (See photo to immediate left). New members, new friends made.”

Another group headed out on Friday, Jan. 4, for what was 

was intended to be a Meetup ski of the Flagline trail, although skiers ended up splitting up due to the icy conditions, reports leader James Cagney.

Previously, seven skiers headed out on the final Sunday of 2018, which was on Dec. 30.

“Seven CONCers had a great time being social with folks at the Swampy shelter, then we went up Ridge to Dogleg Butte, picking our way through thick trees to enter a beautiful open slope,” Gary reports. “We could do a few turns but the snow had a bit of crust, so mostly we just traversed and kick-turned our way down.”

Referring to the photo to the immediate left, Gary adds: “One photo is of Hasan (Louise’s son); we were taping his foot in preparation for some barefoot skiing.”


(Photos of ski outings during last 1 ½ weeks by Jerry Sebestyen, Perry Cortell, Barb Rumer, Cliff Mitchell and others)