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Snowshoe Maintenance at Edison

Departing Bend in a light drizzle, Bob Timmer and his crew of snowshoe trail maintainers went up to Edison Snopark on Monday, January 20.  They were pleased to find it snowing lightly, not raining, at Edison. From the snopark, Bob led Dennis DeLapp, Gary Evans, Chuck Delcambre, Mike Maidl, and Dan Murphy south on the Short Loop trail towards junction “A”, then “B”, and then southward on the Long Loop and eventually to Junction “C” and the Edison Shelter.  Five assurance markers were added for clarification.  Obscuring saplings and branches were trimmed for marker visibility.  After an early lunch at Edison Shelter, they split into two teams to cover both sections of the Short Loop.  Four assurance markers were installed on the “B” to “C” segment and two blowdowns cleared on the “A” to “C” segment. Snow conditions were excellent with 3 feet at the shelter and and at least two feet at the snopark. About 3″ of fresh snow fell in the morning and the sun came out as we were getting back to the snopark about 1PM. 

Photos by Bob Timmer