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Snowshoe to Jeff View Shelter

On Feb 4, Kelly Clemen led a group of five from the Three Creeks Sno Park. The snow was a little patchy and icy towards the beginning, but as we gained the ridge the snow became deeper and fluffier. The recently re-routed trail was very scenic as it headed across a huge former burn area before heading into the woods and the final climb up to Jeff View Shelter. As the winds were light and the views excellent, we opted to sit outside to enjoy our lunches and the views of the surrounding mountains. We headed back to the Sno Park via the ski trail, being sure to stay to avoid stepping on the ski tracks. The trail corridor is fairly wide, so this was not a problem. The sun came out some more and we stopped several times to enjoy the views. Near the trailhead, we found a little snowman that someone had made a few days before. A lovely way to end the trip