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Snowshoe Trail Maintenance Report

Contributed by Bob Timmer

With six feet of snow at Swampy and the trailhead sign for the Short & Long Loops barely visible, it is hard to believe that we are into April. For the final maintenance session of the season, presuming that the season will actually end, Christie Crow, Dave Alward, Chuck Delcambre, Gary Evans and I shoed the Long Loop out to the Nordeen Tie, then to the Nordeen Shelter, and finally down to Meissner. The snow is great and track well set. Only a few small blowdown and leaners, so most of our time was spent trimming for marker visibility and raising markers. Though the Long Loop and Meissner to Nordeen tracks were set, we only encountered one snowshoer; again indicating that folks are likely starting to focus elsewhere.
Thanks for all of the volunteer support this season; so much was accomplished:
New & Rerouted trails
    -13 work sessions, 194 volunteer hours and 190 reassurance markers installed 
   – Dutchman Snowshoe Trail
   – Edison Tesla Short Tie Trail
   – Edison Long Loop Snowshoe Trail re-route 
   – Meissner to Nordeen Snowshoe Trail re-route
Existing 23.5 miles of snowshoe trails
   – 24 work sessions, 616 volunteer hours, 384 trees cut, and 84 reassurance markers installed
   – 1 work session at Ponderosa Rim & Paulina View Nordic Trails (10-mile/Newberry) with an additional 54 volunteer hours & 308 trees cut (mostly saplings)
Those who volunteered this season, thank you!
Dave Alward                     Larry Cohen
Mike Bodel                       Kelly Cleman
Christie Crowe                 Kurt Keesey
Dennis Delapp                 Louise McLarnon
Chuck DelCambre           Allen Sykora
Kelly Eager                      Dawn Sykora
Gary Evans                      Eric Ness
Thanks for your support of the trails,
The work never stops, though, as Bob and the team are looking forward to summer projects.
Summer plans are to proceed with implementing the last batch of approved snowshoe trails
Edison – Tesla to AC/DC Shelter Tie
Swampy – Telemark Butte Summit bypass on Porcupine Snowshoe Trail
Vista Butte – Vista Butte Snowshoe Trail
Late Fall…start over with trail maintenance
And the trail crew got some shout-outs on Facebook, with folks acknowledging and appreciating all the hard work.