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Spring Hiking on the Metolius

The Metolius was quite popular this past Sunday, May 12, as two CONC groups staged their hikes along its waters.

The early CONC hiking group split up to hike the length of the Metolius River Trail on a beautiful spring Mother’s Day.  Six hikers started at the headwaters to make their way downstream while four others started at the lower bridge to hike upstream.  Flowers are just appearing along the trail, and lots of greenery is bursting out.  Gentle breezes and the shady trail made for a pleasant walk to warm up the hiking muscles for the challenges to come.

Six other hikers from the mid-morning group started from the fish hatchery on the Metolius and hiked up river to Canyon Creek trail head, completing a total of 5 miles for the round trip.  This group spent much of the trip to Canyon Creek identifying the wildflowers and other plant life. 

( Photos were taken by Martha Rose,  Doris Feenstra, and Jerry Sebestyen)