Staging a New Roof for AC/DC Shelter

On Monday, July 26, five CONC members responded to the request of Joe Welke (through Sue Sullivan) to help shuttle new roofing panels and an old (250 lb) stove about a quarter mile up a rough path to the AC/DC shelter.  The stove was mounted on a basic hand truck with rather small wheels, and had to be pulled and pushed and lifted to get it up the rocky path.

The work went pretty quickly, shuttling the roof panels individually and in teams of two.  But lifting the stove into the shelter took everybody’s effort; first onto the log “step”, then onto the log threshold, then down to the second log “step”, and finally onto the shelter floor.

Getting the old “barrel” stove out was easy, as it weighed next to nothing!  Now Joe and Casey are tasked with setting up the stove and putting on the metal panels.  We will all be able to enjoy a leak-proof shelter this winter, with an improved stove that should have an excellent draft!

Photos by Warren Preston