Sunday Lookout Mountain and Hager Mountain

CONC had a busy Sunday, June 16th, with three groups getting out!  One group of three hikers headed south of Silver Lake to Hager Mountain in the Fremont National Forest.  It was not a long hike at 6.6 miles, but the elevation gain of 1700 feet made it fairly strenuous.  Though no cameras were taken, the three were “dazzled with a desert wildflower display that carpeted the open upper slopes.”  Lunch was taken at the manned Forest Service fire lookout at the summit.  Vistas extended from Mount Jefferson in the north to Mount Shasta in the south.  The three relished not only in the picture(less?) perfect day, but in the fact they were the only hikers on the trail!

Two other groups hiked Lookout Mountain.  One group had spent the night at the Cold Springs cabin, and the other group joined in after the drive from Bend.  Both the seven mile and the twelve mile versions of the hike were tackled.  They were both greeted by a nice display of wild flowers, including the “space alien” Bladderwort, that was also claimed to be Whitney’s Locoweed; but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  The report is that this hike and the flowers are still good for at least another week.

Photos by Al Matson