Swampy Beginner Reroute

Reroutes on two sections of the Swampy beginners trail were completed last week with the hanging of assurance markers.

The reroutes were in response to comments from a number of skiers that these sections of the “Beginners” trail were really quite difficult in some conditions, especially when the trails became icy. The process began two years ago by skiing and flagging different routes through the areas adjacent to the difficult sections. After getting comments from club members, final routes were selected and submitted to the Forest Service for approval which was received last Fall.

Through late Winter and Spring various crews went in to limb trees for markers, saw out logs and trees to create a ski corridor, and finally last week to hang markers.

New maps for Swampy are not scheduled to be made until next year, so the decision was made to leave the markers for the “old sections” in place to avoid confusion for people using the current maps. Signage will be added at the intersections of the new and old trails with additional information.

At top is a map with the two reroutes in RED.

Louise Brown provided the pictures.