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Trail Maintenance North to South

During the week of October 14 snowshoe trails out of Three Creek snow park were spruced up and new routes completed, as well as more clearing on the Paulina ski/shoe trails out of the Ten Mile snow park.

A joint work session with volunteers from Sisters Trail Alliance, Jessie Larson (volunteer coordinator- USFS) and Mike Bodel, Christie Crowe, Dennis DeLapp, Chuck Delcambre, and Bob Timmer was held Tuesday, October 15. The new route of the Peak View snowshoe trail (through the burn) is now marked by assurance markers on 6 new blue-poles and the re-located junction signs at the crossing of Warrens Loop. A pre-season sweep of the trail to Jeff View shelter was also completed; trimming for assurance marker visibility and adding & relocating a handful of assurance markers. The day was finished with a little wood splitting at Jeff View Shelter.

Upper photos by Bob Timmer

Later that week, on Sunday, October 20, four CONC members (Denise Smith. Patricia Walden, Sharon Evoy and Jerry Sebestyn) went up to Ten Mile Snow-Park on the Newberry National Volcanic Monument and did some trail work on the Paulina View Trail.  They brushed, widened, cleared, and cleaned up about a 1/4 mile of the lower end of the trail.  There was about 2 inches of new snow and it was wet and overcast.  However, they accomplished much and had just a little sleet and rain during the day. 

Lower photos by Sharon Evoy