Fallen Trees Cleared From Snowshoe Trails

A dozen volunteers hit the woods again to clear blowndown trees from snowshoe trails, this time on the Swampy Long Loop and Nordeen Tie snowshoe trails on Monday, Dec. 10.

“Christie Crowe, Dave Alward, Dan Murphy, Doug Williams, Jim Elliott and Al Matson headed out on the south leg of the Long Loop towards two blowdowns, while Dennis DeLapp, Desi and Charlie Vial, Mike Bodel, Mike Maidl and I headed out on the north leg for another two trees,” says group leader Bob Timmer.

“The ‘south leg crew’ then proceeded to the junction of the tie trail, northward along the tie trail and then continued eastward on the north loop to a tangle of trees just beyond the junction with the ski trail. The ‘north leg crew’ then hopscotched to the next blowdown and all proceeded to the junction with the Nordeen Tie.”

Everyone worked their way down the Nordeen Tie towards the Swampy Lakes shelter, clearing another four trees. After lunch, they proceeded down the Nordeen-to-Meissner Tie trail, ending up in the Meissner lot.

“Total count was 11 trees cut and two assurance diamonds installed,” Bob reports.