CONC has need of volunteers to stock shelters with wood, move wood periodically from wood sheds to the shelters, build and maintain shelters, clear and mark ski and snowshoe trails, and occasionally help the Forest Service with signage, bridges, and debris management.

If you perform CONC-related volunteer work on your own, please send an email to including what, where, when, who, and how long. Also include any damage or other information (such as wood supply) you feel might be useful. Occasionally perks are given by the club and the Forest Service so please give us your hours.

We communicate to volunteers through an email group. If you would like to be included in this email group, send an email to

Building Swampy Shelter III
You start with a foundation
Building Swampy Shelter III
Power Tools are Our Friends - Generator was needed
Building Swampy Shelter III
Raising the Walls
Building Swampy Shelter III
Raising the Roof was a Challenge
Building Swampy Shelter III
We did it!
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Volunteer opportunities for the Central Oregon Nordic Club 

 TRAILS- We maintain and manage over 65 miles of ski trails and over 35 miles of snowshoe trails. These trails can be found in the Dutchman Flat area, Swampy Lakes Sno-Park, Edison Butte, Vista Butte, Tumalo Creek and Newberry/Paulina Lake area. Their upkeep means that we brush and trim vegetation, place assurance markers, rebuild bridges, and cut out blowdown. We organize training and safety workshops for volunteers with the bulk of the trail work being done in late summer and into the fall. 
SHELTERS- In the Fall one of our main projects is to stock the warming shelters at these areas with firewood. This entails splitting and hauling wood from piles of rounds to the storage areas of the various shelters. This work usually takes a couple of outings in October to complete. At the time of these outings we send out an e-mail blast looking for volunteers. 
DAY TRIPS- These adventures (whether ski, shoe or hike) are usually major aspects of our club. We have a list of trip leaders who are authorized to organize and lead official club outings. These people have been vetted, have knowledge of the area, some 1st aid training, and organization skills. They have access to our e-mail lists and the club’s Meetup site to advertise and call an event. However, we are always looking for additional volunteer day trip coordinators. To become one we would ask that you shadow an experienced leader to become familiar with our sign up and safety procedures, and our trip protocols. We would like volunteers to have a 1st aid course, and receive some training regarding safety and outdoor preparation. And of course we look for volunteers who know the area they wish to ski, shoe or hike. 
ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT- On another level we are always looking for volunteers to help with club organization and management. For example, we would like to have a Director of Education. Someone who would organize a series of ski lessons at various levels for club members. We would like to have a committee on outings. This would be a group who would help plan and oversee day and overnight trips. From time to time we will have Ad Hoc committees with various responsibilities and goals. In other words there are a variety of ways to volunteer and assist the Central Oregon Nordic Club. The club is only as strong and vibrant as its members make it. You can become an integral part of the club and community by volunteering for one or more of the opportunities we offer. In order to do this go to our website ( and use the contact thread to send us a note. You will be contacted with greater details about how to get involved.