Waterfalls, Ridge Views On Sunday Outings

CONC skiers had their choice of a ski with a waterfalls view or a ski up a ridge for mountain views on Sunday, March 3.

Jerry Sebestyen led six skiers on a snowy road to Tumalo Falls.

“Three came back the trail and three came back the road,” Jerry reports. “It was a cold and foggy day but the falls were magnificent. Partially frozen and very scenic.”

Meanwhile, two other skiers headed to a higher elevation in search of clear skies and sparkling snow.

“Our original plan was to ski from Vista Butte Sno-park, but we saw that snowmobiles had chewed up the snow along the lower part of the trail and no one had recently gone upwards toward the butte,” says skier Rosalind O’Donoghue. “Bev Medlin and I were fortunate and found blue skies and soft snow skiing the Ridge trail from Swampy Sno-park.

“There were outstanding views of Vista Butte and the surrounding forest. Plan B turned out to be the best.

(Photos by Jerry Sebestyen, Beverly Medlin, Rosalind O’Donoghue and Michael Graham)