Week of September 2

On Tuesday, September 3rd, Roz led a group of seven CONC hikers on a tour from Three Creeks Lake to Broken Hand along Tam McArthur Rim. The 1700’ hike up from the lake was not easy, but the views at the top offered a very nice reward for the effort. The group took an off-trail route back for part of the hike and glissaded down a snow field. This wasn’t enough to get snow fever yet even though skiing could be less than two months away. But the timing of the hike was good, as the day following their hike there was lightning and a subsequent fire on the rim.

The hike on September 8th to Sister’s Mirror Lake and Lancelot Lake started with a drive through a wide rainbow in the mist over Mt. Bachelor, followed by drifts of big mushrooms on the trail. The conversation on the seven mile walk to Lancelot Lake and back centered around rain-proof gear and the changing season. All 12 hikers got a little wet and will probably assess what’s in their backpack as the seasons turn.

On the dryer side, seven hikers went on a scouting expedition to check for downed logs on the Newberry ski trails. They started from Paulina Lake, hiked down to Tenmile SnoPark on the Paulina View trail and then back up on the Ponderosa trail along the creek. Hike leader Sue Sullivan reported that “since there was not a lot of logs or brush for us to deal with, we mostly enjoyed a pleasant walk and good conversation. We were also grateful that the rain held off, and cloud cover made the temperature pleasant… and we got lost only twice.”

Photos from Lancelot lake by Pat Haim