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Winter’s Coming – CONC Volunteers Prepare Shelters

Leaves are starting to turn colors, temperatures are dropping, and the days are getting shorter.

It’s that time of year when CONC volunteer activity picks up as workers clear and mark ski trails, cut and split firewood, then stack it in shelters ahead of the winter ski season.

A work group headed to the Swampy Lakes shelter on Friday, Sept. 25th.  Masked and maintaining social distance, they formed a “bucket brigade,” making an assembly line to pass the split wood to one another and move it into the shelter.

More work crews will be headed in the woods in the weeks ahead. Many hands make the workload easier. If you’re willing to help, you can get on the volunteer list. Just send an email to For more information, go to the CONC website,,  click on the “activities” link, then “volunteer.”