Wood Splitter Installed At Nordeen Shelter

The Central Oregon Nordic Club has installed a new wood splitter — identical to the ones at the Swampy Lakes and Meissner ski shelters – at the Nordeen shelter.

Co-president Gary Kelley explains how to use the device:

“The trick to using it is to choose short hunks of wood with straight grain. You make small chopping movements on successive stair-like spots on the device that provide the best leverage.  

“There is a safety ring that you pull down over the blade when not using it.”

The Nordic Club raised the funds and built both shelters, plus club volunteers perform maintenance and stock the shelters with firewood for the winter.

Gary adds:

“Al and I also installed an electronic rat trap to try to get rid of a pack rat that has left us some gifts this summer. If you are not too squeamish and you see a rat in the trap, turn the power off, throw out the rat, and possibly rebait it with some PB (or I hear red licorice works as well). Detailed directions are in a plastic bag near the trap.”