Yapoah Crater

The group of 7 hikers met up at the trailhead for an early start to the hike, led by Kelly Cleman.  The temperature was predicted to get up above 100 degrees in Bend that day, so an early start was important to beat the heat. The group made short work of the hike to the lower Matthieu Lake and soon arrived at the upper South Matthieu Lake and the decision point: 

Should they press on into the open lava field and make the additional trip along the Pacific Crest Trail to Yapaoh Crater (pronounced like “oh ya poe ah, little thing). The group unanimously decided to press on as the day was not yet too hot and there was a nice breeze. They made it to the high point of the trail on the side of the crater and stopped for a break. 

Some of the group decided that was a good place to stop and have lunch, while several other folks hiked a little further to get some great views of the Sisters. Once everyone was back together again, the return trip began. It had gotten hotter out on the lava field, so a lengthy stop at South Matthieu Lake for some shade and refreshment was warranted. There was a family up there swimming in the shallow lake and it looked very inviting, but no one from the group opted to partake. The last few miles of the hike were pretty hot and the group was glad to finally be back at the trailhead and the cool air conditioning of the cars. The total hike was around 10 miles round trip and the views were stunning.